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Custom data science teams enable accelerated development of AI enabled applications
Data Science

Deliver the best user experience with the right tool! Data Science methods offer greater insight that cannot be gained using standard statistical tools.

We offer Data Science on demand!
Now you do not need to have an in-house data science team.

Accelerate Access to AI

Complex AI applications need dedicated teams and can be quite expensive, not to mention the lack of talent and process of hiring the right people. We build your custom team for the duration you require with high caliber engineers and PhD’s with the right AI skill sets.

Start using AI today!

Cost Effective

Save up to 70% cost of your AI team compared to the US and Canadian Markets with comparable AI resources.

Save time and money with the recruitment. Agile scale up or down based on your project’s needs. Leverage the latest technologies and the most powerful tools!

Industries Served

healthcare systems benefit from AI applications logistics can be more effective with machine learning hr-tech benefits from NLP and recommendation algorithms

retail & ecommerce use forecast algorithms powered by machine learning financial insurance security

Our Process

  • Understand the Problem &
    Identify Enterprise Goals
  • Build Custom Teams
  • Develop & Deliver

What is
Data Science as a Service?

Data science as a Service (DSaaS) is a form of data processing service by an outside company. In this service, data from advanced analytics applications are processed by data scientists or a data science team on behalf of corporate clients for professional purposes.

DSaaS providers collect customer data, prepare it for analysis, run analytic algorithms on the refined data, and send the information generated by the algorithms back to the customer. DSaaS typically requires data uploaded to a cloud database or big data platform, where the service provider's team of data engineers and data scientists can work. Alternatively, the provider can deploy a standalone server instance compliant with HIPAA and GDPR for data analysis.

Data Science as a Service offers on-demand access to an experienced data science team

Organizations are increasingly turning to predictive models, data mining, and other forms of analytics to gain beneficial business insights. Benefits of a DSaaS Data science as a service is a potential way for organizations to address the shortage of data scientists and other skilled data analysts. Because maintaining an in-house Data Science team is costly.

DSaaS allows organizations to access analytics resources for specific data science applications without hiring or training their analysts.

What is
Computer Vision?

Computer vision is part of Artificial Intelligence that mimics the human visual process to acquire information from images and convert that information into knowledge.

Today's main components of computer vision applications are: recognizing the objects, localizing and classifying them, and segmenting the pixels belonging to that object. These four areas of modern computer vision find applications in web applications (QR codes, social media), smartphones (face detection, scene recognition), Medical Imaging (CAT/MRI), Insurance and Financial (inspection, fraud detection, payment processing), Optical Character Recognition (document automation), Security (surveillance, crime), Education (e-learning), Real estate (3D image reconstruction), and many other areas that use image, movie or related data.

What is
Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. The main difference between conventional statistics and machine learning algorithms is that in machine learning outcome of a process is presented to the algorithms to predict the nature of the process.

This approach brings a new paradigm to solving problems, enabling us to solve the problems with algorithms that are not explicitly programmed for a particular process. These algorithms learn from the data and discover the process.

Machine learning finds patterns and correlations in large datasets and trains algorithms to make the best decisions and predictions based on this analysis. Machine learning applications get better the more you use them, and the more data you have at your disposal, the more accurate they become. In machine learning, algorithms are trained to classify or predict and uncover key insights in data mining projects. These insights drive decisions within applications and the organization the data to answer them. Machine learning applications are all around us, in our homes, shopping carts, entertainment media, healthcare, and more.

How do we work?

DataSpeckle is an Artificial Intelligence company focusing mainly on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing applications. We offer teams of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Data Engineering, Digital Transformation, Server-side and Web (Full-Stack engineering) engineers in North America and Europe.

We provide services in the following areas: Digital Transformation, Automation, Aviation, Finance, Insurance, Health, Medical imaging, Logistics, Supply Chain, Security, Retail & Commerce, Document Automation, Business Analytics, Predictive Business Analytics, Demand forecasting, Time Series estimation (Time Series Analysis), Price Optimization, Mobile automation, and Image Processing Object Detection/Localization.

In the demanding world of Artificial intelligence the need for high skilled team members is evident. Hiring the right people and the whole process is time consuming and costly.

We build your team by carefully examing your project and the required skill sets of the team member. The team may include any of the following depending on your needs: Data Scientists, AI engineers, Backend/Frontend developers, or Data labelers.

Absolutely! It's your project, it's your IP. We are just accelarating your process of develpment and deployment. All the IP rights, business ideas, content, documentation, and the source code remain under the sole ownership of the client.
Teams can be managed by your project managers. If you do not have resources we assign a team lead for your team and will communicate with you via regular standups, meet with you as you request and provide scheduled progress reports.
Projects evolve with time and you may require different skill sets at a different phase of your project. We constantly monitor the team and listen to your needs. We will replace the team memebers as required and assess the contrinution of the team members.
Education is one of our strengths. Knowing that maintenance is an impotant component of any successful Machine Learning project, we will not leave you alone after completion of your project. We can augment your team and educate your staff as needed so that you can be in charge of your project.
We see every project as beginning of a relationship. As such after completion of a project we have resources for their maintenance work and we would love to be in touch with you. Beacuse we want your next project!

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